About The Demons

"The Demons" are from Wyoming High School located in Wyoming, MI. We are focused on teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to students through robotics.


Building a robot in 6 weeks is challenging. This extends teamwork and value to what is important. Like collage or the work place; This guides students achieve a project with guide lines and time frame.

FIRST Robotics

FIRST (FOR INSPERATION in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY) is an organization that brings schools togther to compete in robotic challanges. The program we go though is FRC (FIRST ROBOTICS COMPITION). FRC has the largest class size of robots allowed; Giving students a chance to build industeral sized robots.

What we teach

Whilst building a robot, many different areas of expertise comes in. All is taught by other students and mentors. View Impact Study Provided by FIRST

Software and Programming

Robot control is all done by software. Students get to learn how to program in a professional development environment that is used in most companies.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and Robot Design

Students learn how to design components and parts on Solidworks. This process is very important to get a robot concept to reality.


The tedious task of routing wires and connecting various components is the name of the game. Students will learn how to carefully handle sensors, motors and control boards.

Machining and Welding

In our lab we have various tools available for students to learn how to use. Everything from using a lathe, milling, and TIG welding.

Marketing and Recruitment

One of our foremost goals is to bring students in to learn STEM and robotics. Students will learn to network and reach out to industry leaders.

Core Values

Team work, resourcefulness, integrity, compassion. We create an atmosphere that is challenging and constructive. Our goal is to help students. Preparing them for collage and life.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about FIRST, becoming a sponsor, or the team. Please contact us here or on social media.